Continue development efforts and make new standards in the services sector and create an advanced environment keeping pace with the area.

Excellence is the critical factor to achieve advancement and acquire customers and keeping them as our partners.

Leadership is in investing the prospects of modern technology in our field of business. Development is in providing excellent services that acquire customer’s satisfaction with this objective, development efforts shall continue.

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Catering Services

  • 1- Interactive communications between authorities through the food chain.
  • 2- Total control and system management inside the food establishment.
  • 3- Pre-requisite programs that guarantee food safety established by the international committee for food codes
  • 4- Applying the seven principles for HACCP system
Our experience in catering covers a wide range in large industrial cities and complexes, land and sea marine oil fields, large national & foreign companies, hospitals, schools, universities, and holding offsite external parties.

Housekeeping Services

The Company has been working hard to get the optimal benefit from its vast experience in the field of housekeeping in order to maintain a good healthy environment. The presence of clean work environment helps to prevent occurrence of accidents in place of work and provide comfort in the office and housing which is positively reflected in efficiency of the workers.
We follow the policy of health, safety and environment (HSE).


Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company provides this service in the residential compounds according to the best standards for cleaning with the most recent technological methods in this field that form the basic part of the policy of the company in addition to what is performed by regular questionnaire studies on safe work practices.

Landscaping and irrigation systems

  • - Landscaping
  • - Establishing and maintaining irrigation systems
  • - Production of saplings
Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company follow the international accredited specifications in design, execution and maintenance of different types of irrigation networks with manual or automatic control.
Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company produces saplings from all types of plants through Green Houses, whether seasonal flowers or decorative trees or indoor plants.

Waste Disposal

City cleaning is a healthy and civilized feature which is sought by everyone. According Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company is one of the leading companies in this field, operating a fleet of specialized equipment and containers to collect and remove leftover and waste material of all types in accordance with a clean and safe environment.

Pest and white ants Control

The activity of Pest Control is one of the most important activities provided by Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company with long experience and qualified work teams from specialized engineers and technicians in the field of control of crawling and flying insects, white ants and rodents in offices, residential compounds, companies, hospitals, playground and ships.