Catering Services

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Catering Services

- Our experience in catering covers a wide range in large industrial cities and complexes, land and sea marine oil fields, large national & foreign companies, hospitals, schools, universities, and holding offsite external parties.
– Participate with our customers in maintaining a work relationship that is based on good understanding and rapid response for the changing needs.
– Applying quality systems and operations to provide high work standards and our employees are exemplify how we try to adopt the best practices in all works. We have highly qualified professional team, well trained with expert cooks from different nationalities in all types of Indian, Philippines, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indonesian, Korean, Western and Arabic foods.
– Quality is our philosophy from start, as we are among the companies that got certificates of HACCP and ISO 22000/2005 which are the most recent standards issued by the international organization for ISO that aims by its application to produce foods products that do not cause any negative health problems for the consumer. It will control the phases that form food chain and this concept is named as food safety from the farm to the consumer that is based on four main principles:
1- Interactive communications between authorities through the food chain.
2- Total control and system management inside the food establishment.
3- Pre-requisite programs that guarantee food safety established by the international committee for food codes (Codex alimentarius commission) with activities to include cooperation between both food and agriculture organization (FAO) and world health organization (WHO).
4- Applying the seven principles for HACCP system :
This requires the type of food handlers in the food chain and training them on the basic points for execution of prevention, surveillance and follow up tools to guarantee quality, health safety for all food products manufactured by providing them with necessary information and skills that enable them to perform their duties and responsibilities and training them on the basic requirement for the system and how to setup the plans and applying them and conducting internal auditing to ensure continuation of an effective system, as well as awareness about the philosophy, principles, concepts and requirements of the international standards of the food management and safety systems. Atheeb Maintenance & Services Company applies all this effectively to be able to comply to the requirements of the specification which has allowed producing food product that is safe to the consumers with compliance to the organizational requirements related to food health and safety.

Atheeb Maintenance and Services Company